What Our Club Offers:

Fun – Rule number one for almost everything that happens at the Club it that it must be fun.

A Safe Place  The Club is a safe place where young people can come to enjoy themselves and their friends.

Opportunities – Club members have the opportunity to learn, grow, give back to the community, discover their needs, set goals and meet new friends.

A Full Schedule of Great Activities  From simple games and leadership opportunities to academic tutoring, we offer a wide range of activities. 

Age Appropriate Services Boys & Girls Clubs strive to meet youth development needs in their communities. Stop by, meet our professionally trained staff.

After School and Summer Programming

Boys & Girls Club of Lake County is a member organization in good standing with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a national youth development organization, that are exempt from and not regulated by child care licensing requirements. Trained professional staff and dedicated volunteers provide positive adult mentors and role models. Nationally recognized programs help young people succeed in school, stay healthy, learn important life skills, pursue interests in the arts and sports and explore vocational choices. We provide support for young people 6 years of age to the end of high school, with proof of high school enrollment, with varied, age-appropriate programs, led by professional staff in facilities designed specifically for youth programs. Programming is developed under our 

3 Priority Outcome Areas:

  • Academic Success – Support for Club members to maintain or improve their grades, progress to the next grade level and graduate from high school.
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Support Club members to make responsible choices regarding food and exercise and avoid drugs, alcohol and premature sexual activity.