Boys & Girls Club of Lake County: About Us

Boys & Girls Club of Lake County (BGCLC) is one of Lake County’s greatest resources, providing a constant source of hope and direction for youth. The Club is committed to inspire all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. It is only through the support of our local and national donors that the Club can provide youth with the tools they need to remove themselves from the cycle of poverty. Club members aren’t receiving a handout, but a hand up.

BGCLC believes that every child has the potential to become great and do great things. The Club gives our members a fighting chance to create a better future, concentrating on children who need us most. Being the only non-profit of our kind in the area, BGCLC is the best alternative to unsupervised activity, which often includes gang involvement, drugs and other illegal or negative activities.

Since 2000, Boys & Girls Club of Lake County has offered affordable, accessible after school and summer programming to the youth of Lake County. Last year, our 4 sites had an average daily attendance of 200 young people. Site hours vary by location, please click below for site specific information. Services are delivered at the following locations:

Genesee : 724 South Genesee Street (Waukegan, IL)
LEARN 6 Charter: 3131 Sheridan Road (North Chicago, IL)

Oakdale Elementary: 2230 McAree Road (Waukegan, IL)
Teen Center: 730 Martin Luther King Drive (Waukegan, IL)

Our Priority Outcome Areas:

    • Academic Success – Support for club members to maintain or improve their grades, progress to the next grade level and graduate from high school
    • Good Character & Citizenship – Learn responsibility, respect, accountability and listening skills while developing leadership skills
    • Healthy Lifestyles – Support club members to make responsible choices regarding food and exercise and avoid drugs, alcohol and premature sexual activity

It Is Our Goal To Provide:

    • A safe place to learn and grow
    • Ongoing relationships with caring adults
    • Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences
    • Hope and opportunity

According to a Harris Interactive Survey:

  • 90% of Club alumni graduate from high school
  • 57% of alumni said the Boys & Girls Club saved their life
  • 97% of alumni said their Club experience taught them that helping others is a priority
  • 67% of alumni say the Club is where they learned how to “say no” to drugs and alcohol
  • 63% of alumni said the staff contributed to their success in high school

Lake County Statistics:

  • This year, more than 1,000 youth will drop out of school in Lake County
  • 42% of high school students will drink alcohol in the next 30 days
  • 76% of incoming kindergartners have no knowledge of books
  • 80% of teen mothers will end up on welfare
  • 66% will end up in jail or on welfare because they can’t read
  • 30% of our homeless population is made up of children
  • Half of our Club members come from single parent homes
  • There are over 3,500 active gang members in Lake County
  • The meals and snacks we serve are often the only opportunity for our youth to eat something

Our Impact:

    • 90% of Club mentored children have achieved higher grades
    • Club members rank tutoring as the most important Club activity
    • Club staff are, in some cases, the most influential and positive adult role model in their lives
    • The snack served at the Club is often the last meal of the day for our youth
    • Club youth pay $20 per school year to be a member of our After School Program